Development Partners

GCP Foundation cannot help 600 million people in Africa on its own. Therefore, in order to maximise our impact, GCP Foundation is working  with NGOs, non-profits, 501c(3)s, schools and hospitals in order to help as many people as possible in the most efficient manner. GCP Foundation is always looking for new development partners to help us achieve our mission of  alleviating energy poverty. Please get in touch.



Nokero is one of our official suppliers of hand-held solar products . Nokero has received Lighting Africa approval for the high quality of its products. With their unique light-bulb shape design, high quality materials and first class build quality, Nokero bulbs are a great choice for tough African conditions.

Nokero has launched the N182 solar light bulb which maximises brightness and minimises cost. It has twice the brightness of the previous model, and uses the high quality LEDs, a redesigned circuit board and a cost-effective solar panel.

Nokero is based in Denver Colorado, USA and is one of the market leading hand-held solar light manufacturers.

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