Our Programmes

Solar Lantern Programme

What’s the problem? Kerosene lamps are expensive to run, cause carbon monoxide poisoning and can cause serious burns.

GCP Foundation’s solution To tackle this problem, GCP Foundation’s solar lantern programme distributes hand-held solar lights to families and businesses in need.

The impact These products allow children to continue with their studies into the evenings and allow productive work to bring more income into off-grid households.

Independent impact assessment Recent independent research showing the impact of solar lanterns on educational improvement has shown that children increased the duration of their study by 17% and that mathematics grades increased by four points when studying using a solar bulb.  The solar bulbs also enable businesses to stay open longer and they encourage personal, community and economic development.

Our approach GCP Foundation provides a detailed training session to our recipients on how to use the sustainable and environmentally friendly bulbs, how to maintain them and ensure they last for years . Educating the community about how to use the lanterns will ensure they’re used to their full potential and will reduce waste and costs in the long term.


Pilot Project - Just Shea: The Problem One million women a year are killed by snake bites when collecting the nuts in Africa. GCP Foundation's solution To maximise impact in Northern Ghana, GCP Foundation partnered with one of our development partners, Just Shea to distribute solar lanterns to women who farm shea nuts during dark hours. Impact Now, thanks to GCP Foundation's solar light bulbs and safety kits, this figure is decreasing. The impact and reception to the solar lights has been very high. Children are using the lights to study and the ladies are generating more income for the family. 
Pilot Project – Green Village Plan Development: The Problem Rural subsistence farming is a significant employer in Ghana. Agriculture accounts for 34% of GDP and employs 60% of the work force mad up mainly of small subsistence farmers. Most farmers are in off-grid locations and do not have access to electricity. GCP Foundation's solution GCP Foundation worked with one of our development partners, Green Village Plan Development, to distribute solar lanterns to some of these farmers. Impact The farmers can farm for longer long after the sun has gone down, generating more income for their families and the famers are safer at night.

Roof-top solar for schools, clinics and hospitals Programme

GCP Foundation believes that one way to maximise the number of people we impact is by installing solar panels onto the roofs of schools, hospitals and clinics. This will allow us to help more people with the minimum cost.

How? The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals include sustainable cities and combat climate change. These roof-top installations will directly offset harmful diesel used in generators and will also benefit the climate.

Why? Whether we use solar, wind, or hydro we believe that everyone can benefit by the responsible use of clean energy in Africa.

Capacity building and Sport Outreach Programme

The problem Research has shown that there is a strong link between a health body and a healthy mind. Click here for an example. We work with development partners on initiatives to create programmes to help young people. Access to sport and finding a team can also be a challenge.

GCP Foundation’s solution Our programme aims to give as many young people as possible access and exposure to sport in order to fully  support them to reach their fullest potential.

Impact GCP Foundation provides sport clinics held at local schools and public parks in conjunction with our development partners to allow families from low income households to provide opportunities for growth and development for their children which they otherwise would not be able to afford.

GCP Foundation also provides capacity building to teach and educate businesses, and the private sector on the benefits of renewable energy.