Who We Are

The GCP Foundation is a UK charity. GCP Foundation was registered with HMRC in November 2016. GCP Foundation's team of trustees and volunteers come from all over the world and work all over sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Mission

Our goal is to alleviate energy poverty using renewable energy to provide affordable and sustainable light and electricity to the 600 million people living off-grid in continental Africa.

Why? Currently only 39% of Africans are connected to the electricity grid, and 60% rely on kerosene. Kerosene is highly damaging to health. Using a kerosene lamp for the day is the equivalent of smoking 40 cigarettes. Besides the risks of burns, injuries and poisoning from carbon monoxide, Kerosene also omits high levels of CO2 which damages the atmosphere and harms us all.

Having access to efficient and safe lighting and electricity is invaluable, not only in the terms of safety but also in allowing productive work and education to continue after dark. 


We work with other NGOs, 501c(3)s and non-profits to provide maximum impact at minimal cost.


We make a positive impact on the whole of Africa by providing communities with renewable energy solutions.

The Team


Sidney Yankson  


Joanne Ford  


Jason Rickert  

Chair of the Trustees

Richmond Mace  


Team Members

Michael Dohaney | CFO


 Pragyan Roy | Programme officer – Ghana
Maitane Sagastuy | Communications and Media Engagement Advisor