We love to make a difference.

GCP Foundation was founded to help alleviate energy poverty and provide affordable and sustainable solar light and electricity to those 600 million people living without electricity in Africa. Providing access to efficient and safe lighting is invaluable not only in the terms of safety but also in allowing work and education to continue after dark.

GCP Foundation is a UK charity aligned with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, in particular SDG7 and SDG13.

GCP Foundation's team of trustees and volunteers work all over sub-Saharan Africa.


Our mission is to reduce energy poverty in Africa by using safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly renewable energy.


Our programmes tackle energy poverty at the base of the pyramid and provide capacity building to foster long term change to protect the environment and prevent climate change.


Our development partners include NGOs, 501c(3)s, schools, hospitals,  United Nations agencies that are interested in supporting our goal to tackle energy poverty.